Debt Relief

Paragon’s expert debt counselors will provide you with practical ways to settle and clear your credit card debts easily.

Debt Settlement

We offer customized credit card debt elimination programs tailored to match your unique
financial circumstances.

Payment Consolidation

We ensure your monthly payments are reduced to help you pay off the credit card debts faster and more conveniently.

Our Goal is to Help You Pay Off Your Credit Card Debt

If you credit card balances have become unmanageable and are giving you sleepless nights,
Paragon Financial Corp can help. We provide affordable debt counseling and management
services tailored to suit your unique financial situation. Our expert credit counselors will provide
you with the best and most affordable way of finally paying off your credit card debts. We’ll
show you how you can reduce your debt, negotiate with your lenders on your behalf and work
out an affordable plan with lower monthly payments. Contact us today via phone or fill the form
below and we’ll set you on a path to a debt-free

A Practical Debt Management Plan
to Help You Pay Off Your Credit Card Debt

  • Enroll in our debt management program and we’ll help you pay off your debt in the shortest time possible. Our credit counselors will analyze your finances, assets, and expenses to come up with a practical and convenient payment plan.
  • We’ll help you create a practical budget that you can afford to live with while setting aside a reasonable amount of funds to pay off your debt each month.
  • If you have multiple debts, we’ll consolidate all the debts. You’ll only be making a single payment to us each month and we’ll deal with your creditors on your behalf.
  • Have you lost control of your financial life?
    Let’s set you on a journey towards financial freedom today.

    • If endless credit card debts cannot allow you to save your hard earned money anymore,you need the assistance of our expert credit counselors today.
    • If you are losing sleep because of credit card debts, talk to us today and we’ll help you pay off your debts in the shortest time possible.
    • Before you even think of filing for bankruptcy, speak to our expert credit counselors for an easy and convenient debt elimination plan.
    • Debt Elimination Solutions From Professionals

      Enjoy a peace of mind when you know your credit card debt problem is now in the hands of professionals in the field.

      Save Money With Lower Monthly Payments

      We’ll negotiate with your creditors for reduced monthly payments on your behalf to help you start saving money again.

      Pay Your Credit Card Debt in the Shortest Time Possible

      We’ll work with you to come up with a practical plan to make you debt free in the shortest time possible.

      Confidential Debt Elimination Service

      We value your privacy and will not share your personal and financial details with anyone who’s not involved with your case. Everything is handled with the highest level of professionalism and confidentiality.

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      for Free Consultation with and Expert Debt Counselor

      If you are unable to make minimum payments
      on your credit card every month, let us help you
      negotiate for reduced interest rates and eliminate
      other additional fees. Making minimum payments
      each month means higher interest rates and an
      endless struggle to clear the debt.